The Story

It was obvious from a young age that Aaryan had a strong aptitude for books and writing. He was often found by his childhood nanny, Hannah, marveling at the books in the book corner of his daycare. He used all his senses to their extremes, enjoying smelling and touching the books and studying the designs, as well as reading them. Growing up in London, he spent his days walking to the Old Lambeth library nearby, spending hours upon hours there, from two years old.  Having a hunger to read, he borrowed up to twenty-five books at a time.

He started writing stories on his laptop by his own volition when he turned eleven. Focusing on one at a time, he invested his efforts into perfecting his stories, until he was fully satisfied with them. When his friends and family enjoyed reading his work, he went on to do his own illustrations. He enjoyed drawing detailed designs of treasure hunt and fantasy maps, as well as doodling, all of which came naturally to him. His first book, Kidding, was written at age eleven, a feat which many of us could only dream of at such a young age. Kidding was also completely illustrated by him, as he puts his heart and soul into his work. He finished writing Kidding 2 at age twelve and then went on to write a novel, The Quest For The Seven Keys, at thirteen, happy to share his passion with others. All his stories are bursting with imagination and creativity.

When he is not busily engrossed in his writing, Aaryan has many hobbies, playing guitar and tennis, as well as swimming. Maths is another of his strong suits, finding solving complicated maths problems deeply satisfying. He is also talented in speaking in different accents and he loves the joys of comedy.

Everyone is urged to immerse themselves in one of Aaryan’s books to gain a glimpse into his prolific and gifted mind. He will no doubt inspire you to see the world through a different lens. We can only imagine what books he might continue to dream up and craft in the future.