Robots that dispense instant parties; exploding mansions; larger than life video games; giant claws living in car parks; genies that live in school lunch boxes; here is just some of the madness our hero Sam has to endure as he hangs on for his dear life in this collection of zany stories. 

Sam is just an ordinary schoolboy, but he has some crazy ideas! 

Prepare to be surprised, bamboozled, and choked with laughter as this 11-year-old boy takes on witches, guards with tasers, and wicked ticket collectors. 

Eight fast-paced stories filled with action, thrill, and nonstop excitement. 

You will be always bowled by the unexpected. 

Welcome to KIDDING!

Hey! SOME of the awesome characters in this book

Party-A-Tron 3000

Party-A-Tron 3000

An ultimate party starter for a secret birthday party

Stevie Kentucket

Stevie Kentucket

What if you get stuck into the game like Stevie? What!!

Book Reviews

James Taylor

This is a book so funny and innocent I finished it in an hour and have been smiling all day. I bought this book for my niece as a birthday present but read it first instead…the colors are bright and the doodles are cool! I loved the fast pace of the stories and couldn’t help noticing the awesome small details.

Oliver Wilson

I was really touched by the author’s personal note in this book. my daughter has read this book over and over again so I thought I should leave a review. Amazing doodles and creativity fill the book. every page is so alive and well written. i am blown by his little boy’s imagination!! Honestly will wait for Kidding 2!

Diana Wood

“Lunch box of doom” my favorite story! and I also absolutely love Soy Sauce. Must buy :)) My brother sat looking at the contents
page forever. Great design, exciting stories, and laughable! read this with a coffee in your hand or as storytime for your little brother
any day!